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I am a passionate food lover having been working in the catering industry form an early age. After 20+years of travelling the world, working for the Royal, Rich & Famous and having had 2 of my own restaurants I am now involved in many food-related projects across the globe.

In January 2018 I founded to help farmers and growers of vanilla in the developing world focussing on Indonesia and Bali. We aim to supply the world's finest quality Vanilla pods to exacting chefs and consumers across the globe. Fostering relationships in rural communities where they have been taken advantage of for years building trust and long term sustainable partnerships in Europe and across the globe. Follow us on Instagram! We aim to be the alternative choice for millennials who are wary of their environmental footprint and will eventually offer vanilla eco tourism across the region.

Their work is crucial in promoting the sustainability of Vanilla on a global scale. With many of the world's Vanilla-growing regions under threat from deforestation and destructive, non-sustainable farming practices we view this vital work as something we should all be concerned about.
Our message is clear: Use ethically sourced real natural Vanilla!

I am also chef collaborator and co-founder of Platinum Scotch Broth Events, based in Doha, but covering events all over the GCC region and farther afield. We create multi-sensory food and drink experiences for private and corporate clients showcasing global food trends, molecularly paired with drinks form whisky to craft Gin, beers, teas, coffees and we now even have our own water sommelier. 

We link exclusive, unique food products with outstanding venues, paired with beautiful wines and cocktails and offer clients an experience they will never forget!


When not in the kitchen I am a keen music lover and whilst travelling the world spreading  the good food gospel I like to take traditional Scottish music on my journey. I am passionate about promoting Scotland's beautiful landscape on the world stage to the global elite and banging the drum for Scotland's larder and our history whilst showcasing Scottish culture along the way.

Visit my Youtube Galleries and click on the "Mànran" link.

For 7 years, until January 2018 I volunteered with Littlepod, as their development chef and have been involved in product development, writing recipes for their blogs and Janet Sawyer's Vanilla Cookery Book:
Vanilla Cooking with one of the World's Finest Ingredients...

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